Brahma Sky (brahmasky) wrote in end_ofthe_world,
Brahma Sky

hello to all

hi my name is molly, i'm new joined last night i know a good half of you and one or two i dont know. He's the background info on my character. Hope to rp with you all soon.

Brahma is a high ranking angel on third Choir of the Lower Hierarchy. He could have been an Archangels but disliked the rare contact with people. He holds a fondness for all people which is way he has lived on earth for the past few hundred years serving, helping, and guiding those he can. While on Earth he addopted the last name 'Sky'. Brahma also holds a strong loyalty to God, which can be a good thing in heaven and at times a bad thing on earth.
While he may be more like angels should be he has picked up a few bad habits while on earth, such as smoking, swearing and drinking. He would rather have a calm peaceful out looks towards everyone and everything, but at times his strong feelings can get the best of him.

Hair: Brown, short
Eye: pale gray
Skin: tan
Height: 5”9
Age: Looks young twenties

Brahma can easily be pointed out due to his appearance which resembles a Hindu, with a red bindi dot between his eyebrows, black rimmed eyes, and gold bracelets. He has a thin but strongly built frame.
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