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Operation: End of the World [entries|friends|calendar]
And all the skies fell down...

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[15 Dec 2004|01:35pm]
This is a warning to those who believed that shelomogedol the son of omrimaftir had not the guts to appear and dissipate the fog of the forgetting and the shinninglamps, do not go to bed early and think that he cannot reach the innermost passages of your mind for his reach is inexorable and I seferlon have witnessed with my own mind and eyes the great power of the great shelomo the gedol, who still watches over the order of the melachim milchamot and the benzonim neggevim and the benzonim milchamot who will arise again to build the alcazar of gold. fear not my quotas and my socios who will regain the apple of the east. any donations to the alcazar project of the lion of gold from the coast can be sent: any questions to : omrimaftir@hotmail.com
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[30 Jan 2004|02:38pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

HELL-o my name is Lucifer(play name) a single white male switch from the Saugus MA area. Just trying to meet some freinds . Needless to say I have had no luck yet in my search maybe this time will be diff. you can aol@devsathel(short for devil sat in hell to long)or
yahoo@duhastmiche2002 i like using im with yahoo bigger bandwith for video and audio really looking to meet freinds for discussions on projects and ideas love lucifer

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Rome anyone? [15 Sep 2003|03:56pm]

[ mood | creative ]

OOC: Alrighty all. We all know the quest is coming up. Its going to take place in Rome sometime this week. I will keep you up to date when Aiken and the rest will be leaving, but before all that, I have some background information on the two 'weapons' along with some notes that clarify everything. If you have any questions comment and I'll get back to you, or your welcome to instant message me on Vital Message

The twin bladesCollapse )

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Lines of Contact for teh Sammy's-Mun. [24 Aug 2003|03:55pm]
[ Okay, guys. Uhm. Since I'm a hardcore-newb, I figure I'd better throw my contact info at you just in case ( Not like you'll need it, though ). You can reach me as Angrygoth22 on AIM. It's old, so shut up...Okay! There you go! Contact if needed...or...whatever. x.x; ]
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*I'm reaching for the random or what ever will bewilder me.* [22 Aug 2003|01:41pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

[ OOC: Okay. Uhm. Hello, all. My name is Emily. I'll be your uhh...Newbie-RP'er for this morning/evening/whatever-the-hell-time-it-is. So, here goes? Yeah. First let me give you the low-down on Sammy-kins....and then his post...or...something. >>; Don't hate me for sucking. ]

*** Samuel is an angel who hates humans and loves God. Despite his undying love for his creator, he has a certain jealousy for his angel-brethren, and tends to feel inferior to them. Thus, he is of the bitter sort, and is often quiet and reserved to himself. Nevertheless, Samuel is determined to prove to God that he is worthy of his love, and that he exists more than in just a mass of the Lord's heavenly masses.
He knows little of humans, given his distaste for them, and refuses to accept their worship of God as he sees them as undeserving of his presence, let alone his gift of life.
But Samuel has come to Earth to survey what exactly is being done with God's gracious gift, and knowingly, to find a way of showing God his hatred of humans as well as his affections for the Lord (in other words, he wants to start killing some monkeys off instead of carrying their prayers up to the ears of God).
Samuel is unprepared for the human world, although he is determined to observe and punish where need be. ***

[ Okay. Yeah. Uhm, objections? Fire away, just...take it easy. This might not be what you want here for this community, and, well, if it isn't, then let me know so I can change some stuff around. So. Here's my post for Sam as of now. Laa. ]

Sitting up on a park bench, from looking out onto a paralyzed sheet of stars, he retracted, body 'splayed out like a pile of artistically placed bones, woven all along a flagrant red scarf and bundles of knotted blonde. Frosted cerulean eyes surveyed masses sprinkled in swarthy shadows, near and far, lit occasionally by dim streetlights. Given his territorial area, not much light from the surrounding city seeped through, and certainly not at this hour.
The mangled heel of a vintage boot tapped on the bench's foreleg, one of those hollow pangs, while grinning beneath his mussed veil and humming a low tune of no one's recognition.
He was positioned quite awkwardly, given the capacity of each dirtied pinion's joint spanned over coiled blades on his stiffened back, giving them jagged features instead of their fluidly elegant nature.
Swinging up to stare fixedly at a nook of questionable existence, due to a sudden rustle, he brushed back each sandy strand with care and fumbled with the frayed ends of his beloved crimson scarf, leather-bound shoulders tensed up around a thinned neck.

Samuel was not one to take kindly to surprises, and he most certainly wouldn't have them in times where he felt most at a disadvantage.

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[22 Aug 2003|12:48pm]

::::His land lord was starting to wonder about him anyways, after all he had lived in the basement for forty years and still looked the same as the day he did when came looking for a place to rent.

anyone who woundered why they havnt seen him over the past week may go to the only place he would be if he wasnt on the street.

If you made it past the lock on the old green door, which isn’t that hard for some people you’d realize once threw it the place was empty. Only the random furnishings where left behind also blood splatters here and there on the walls that were white forty years ago but turned slightly yellow due to smoke.

His things weren’t there he wasn’t there. He left::::
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ATTENTION! [19 Aug 2003|03:22am]

It has come to my attention that there have been a few situations within this RPG.

The first and foremost situation is with school starting back up for most of us, And if it isn't school, its college. I understand this because school will be starting up next month for myself. I do not know at the moment if this RPG will be going on hiatus during the school year, or not, but when we hit that roadbloack, we will deal with it as we see fit. For some school has already started up and have placed their character on hold. If you wish to do that, this is fine, but please let me know, or post it in the community so we all know.

Next is from the lack of roleplayers in the chats we do. I know a good handful you have been in them and for that I am very happy for. But others, I haven't seen at all. I am not naming names here, just stating a fact. I know most of you are online fairly everyday or every other day or even once a week. You need to let me know when you are available so you're character can come into the chat room and roleplay. Also it is vital that I have character information. Or that you make aleast one post in your journal about your character so that all can see it. Other then that one post you may post at your own disgression, or whenever you see fit.

Lastly, I would like to make it known that within this RPG the theme is much more mature. There is violence, there is sexual content, and gore. I guess you would rate it R or NC 17 at some times. Also please keep in mind along with the theme, with the plot as well. In the RPG, the main character is trying to destroy religion. So obviously there will be issues concerning religion. Or in other words: blasphemy. If this bothers you in any way then this might not be the place for you.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, anything, you can contant me at vitalmessage@aol.com or instant message me on Vital Message

Thank you. :)
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-----> Out and About. [15 Aug 2003|04:08pm]
[ mood | awake ]


The screech of the phone ringing cut through the serene silence of mid-morning. A mass of limbs jumped, and began struggling to disentangle its self from the mess of blankets. Anarki emerged, rolling out of bed and onto the floor with a thud. He grunted, and scrambled to his feet, making a mad dash for the phone that was now on it's third ring.

He managed to snatch it off the reciever as soon as the answering machine kicked in.

"He---hello?" He ran a hand through his hair to remove it from his line of sight. "A-hu... Mhm... Uh-hu... Yeah... Yeah, yeah. Well, I'll see what I can dig up for you, alright? Okay. Bye." Click. He sighed, and turned, walking back into his room. Time to get up, and out into the world, today...


An hour and a half later, he was showered and dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans and an olive-green shirt, walking down the streets of New York, in search of his favorite cyber café. He had wanted some coffee, and after leaving the apartment, he felt like being outside of his own home.

He walked in, paid his due, and sat at a computer that was a little ways away from others, and got to work...

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News [15 Aug 2003|12:12am]

[ mood | okay ]

[[It's official. I won't be rping as Kai in this rp...however, this journal won't be deleted. I'm still going to keep it in case sometime in the future I can rp him. *waves* sorry but it's school...xD starting school next week so I have to study and etc. *peace sign* I am now a Sophmoron. Loves. and don't hate me. You'll be able to see me online. sorry everyone!]]

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+ Watch where you're standing!! + [13 Aug 2003|02:09pm]

ooc: Okay, XD well everyone is posting in their journals, so most of us are here? I'm a little, er, more than confused by most of the posts, so please bear with me if I miss the obvious, ^^;; BIC:

Who was this person she had just rammed headfirst into? More importantly, why had they just come out of no where?? ~Honestly! One would think that they'd be more careful in a city like New York, than to just blindly emerge from around a corner, or allies...~ Tatyana thought with disdain and a bit of a displeased expression on her face. She had landed right on her ass, she was both embarassed and quite the bit sore, now. She rubbed her backside lightly as she stood back to her feet.

Flashback to one minute ago_

"Blazes!! It had to wait until I was thirty minutes from home to start raining??"

She muttered something as close to a curse as her morals would allow, vowing that she'd get payback on that blasted Yuki, the angel in charge of the weather... He obviously had it in for her today more than usual, and she hadn't even done anything to him!! Nothing outside of that.... rather embarassing rejection... Eh heh... Anyway.

She was soaking to the bone by now, she hadn't predicted rain since the sun had been shining all day, so she had no umbrella with her. One delicate hand was holding her bangs from her eyes, she was just coming to an alley way, when suddenly a figure stepped out into view right in front of her, WAY too late for her to stop running. "AHH!!"


End Flashback_

And that was how she ended up on her butt, where she was now. The force of the collision had sent her tumbling backwards, she was quite a bit on the frail side after all. "Itai yo... You should be more careful when you're rounding a corner you know." The words were out of her mouth before she could think that she might have been the one in the wrong. She had a tendency to get snippy when she was irritated, this was one of those times.

ooc: Tags, Brahma!

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hello to all [12 Aug 2003|07:06am]

hi my name is molly, i'm new joined last night i know a good half of you and one or two i dont know. He's the background info on my character. Hope to rp with you all soon.

Brahma is a high ranking angel on third Choir of the Lower Hierarchy. He could have been an Archangels but disliked the rare contact with people. He holds a fondness for all people which is way he has lived on earth for the past few hundred years serving, helping, and guiding those he can. While on Earth he addopted the last name 'Sky'. Brahma also holds a strong loyalty to God, which can be a good thing in heaven and at times a bad thing on earth.
While he may be more like angels should be he has picked up a few bad habits while on earth, such as smoking, swearing and drinking. He would rather have a calm peaceful out looks towards everyone and everything, but at times his strong feelings can get the best of him.

Hair: Brown, short
Eye: pale gray
Skin: tan
Height: 5”9
Age: Looks young twenties

Brahma can easily be pointed out due to his appearance which resembles a Hindu, with a red bindi dot between his eyebrows, black rimmed eyes, and gold bracelets. He has a thin but strongly built frame.
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+ A rest in the Park + [10 Aug 2003|01:19am]

ooc: Yoshi!!! First post for End of the World! With chara journals set up, we're rip roarin to go!! Here's my chara!! (this is Eechan, btw)Collapse )

She stopped as she checked the area in search of a place to sit. She was sucessful in her searching, as her eyes soon settled upon a park bench. A rare, but content smile appeared on her lips and she wasted no time in taking the bench for a resting place. She sighed as she settled lightly onto the wooden seating. It had been such a long day, and she had the worst "luck" the whole way through. It seemed as if every demon in the city had a case to plead today, if she saw one more before she made it home, she would go insane.

She shut her eyes and her head rolled back. Her bag had been abandoned on the ground, in it, her work clothes. Times like these... she just wished she were back home...

She lifted her head once again and scanned the area once more, this part of the park was secluded enough at this time of day. She turned on the bench and pulled her knees under her, letting her wings materialize from her back and gave them a much needed, deserved stretch. They had a transparent glow to them, (they're not as short as in the picture, she controls their apperance between "full" and "Sprite") appearing somewhat transparent, it was times like these she was glad most humans were blind. Most of them couldn't see her wings, there were only a few pure ones that could if given the chance, and other angels and the demons of course could see them no trouble.

She wished that she didn't have to hide who she really was.

~Such is the punishment for a sinner like myself...~ She thought with sad regret.

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Enter Aiken. [06 Aug 2003|01:53pm]

[ mood | determined ]

The Project known as Aiken, has been unleashed on the world.

;Who?Collapse )

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Attention! [29 Jul 2003|02:42pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hello all. I am sure you are all ready to get this RP started up. I know I am! We will be starting up next week (In August. Around the 3rd or 4th. This is subject to change.) But I would like to know that if your character is human, a demon or an angel. That way I'll have a count of whos who. If you would like (this is optional, if you want your character to be mysterious until he/she shows up)you may post some character information (i.e. story of how they came to be, little prologue) in your character's journal, or if you don't have one just put it behind a LJ Cut in here.

A simple rule:

1. No killing of the characters unless it's discussed from both muns

If you have any other questions, comments, suggestions, please by all means give me an Instant Message at: Vital Message. I'll be more then happy to answer them ^_^

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