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Enter Aiken.

The Project known as Aiken, has been unleashed on the world.

Red Suit, upon finishing their little project on time, it is time to let him go do what he was trained to do. They let Aiken loose in the streets of the wonderful New York City, where he now hunts for the beings on his hitlist. Though Aiken is a mere human, one should not underestimate him. Ten years of hard training will not just go down the drain so quickly. But let keep in mind he is human, no matter how many operations he's had, how enhanced his senses may be.

Little Aiken currently? Is wandering the back streets of NYC. Searching. For the angels and demons that will show themselves once they know of this weapon created by Red Suit.

So? Now the question is: Who will Aiken find first?

((OOC: Alrighteh guys. This is the begining of the RP. If you want to do an interaction with Aiken post a comment, with your action. Or make a post. ^_^ He's basically in the back streets of NYC. The alley ways, bad neighborhoods. The places your mommy wouldn't want you to be in. So lets have fun with it yes?))
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