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+ Watch where you're standing!! +

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Who was this person she had just rammed headfirst into? More importantly, why had they just come out of no where?? ~Honestly! One would think that they'd be more careful in a city like New York, than to just blindly emerge from around a corner, or allies...~ Tatyana thought with disdain and a bit of a displeased expression on her face. She had landed right on her ass, she was both embarassed and quite the bit sore, now. She rubbed her backside lightly as she stood back to her feet.

Flashback to one minute ago_

"Blazes!! It had to wait until I was thirty minutes from home to start raining??"

She muttered something as close to a curse as her morals would allow, vowing that she'd get payback on that blasted Yuki, the angel in charge of the weather... He obviously had it in for her today more than usual, and she hadn't even done anything to him!! Nothing outside of that.... rather embarassing rejection... Eh heh... Anyway.

She was soaking to the bone by now, she hadn't predicted rain since the sun had been shining all day, so she had no umbrella with her. One delicate hand was holding her bangs from her eyes, she was just coming to an alley way, when suddenly a figure stepped out into view right in front of her, WAY too late for her to stop running. "AHH!!"


End Flashback_

And that was how she ended up on her butt, where she was now. The force of the collision had sent her tumbling backwards, she was quite a bit on the frail side after all. "Itai yo... You should be more careful when you're rounding a corner you know." The words were out of her mouth before she could think that she might have been the one in the wrong. She had a tendency to get snippy when she was irritated, this was one of those times.

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